“Sloshed Blessings”

Doris likes to put out food for the birds, especially during wintertime when there may be little around for our feathered friends to eat.  I’ve noticed a peculiar feeding pattern.  One bird will land on the feeder and start eating.  This is not a neat eater.  He sloshes bird seed all over the place.  Food falls on the ground.  About a dozen birds land on the ground and start eating.  The one bird on the feeder can’t hide a good thing.  He just has to share it with his friends.  Then, after a time, the one bird leaves and another takes his place.  The first bird joins the others on the ground to receive blessings from his friend.  All this sharing means that many end up being blessed.
Isn’t that the way things are supposed to be? …more

A Mommy

You may get tired of hearing the cute things my grandson says; too bad; it’s a grandfather’s privilege to tell these stories.  One day this week I was on the front porch watching James ride his tricycle back and forth on the sidewalk and out into the driveway.  An elderly woman walked by on the street and greeted James.  She comes by every day at about this time and the two have initiated a friendship.  James asked the lady, “Where’s your Mommy?”  They lady paused and her face showed she had not been asked that question for a while.  In a moment she said, “Well, Honey, My mother is gone.”  James thought for just a second, turned his tricycle around and started toward the house, shouting back to her, “I’ll go get you a Mommy.”  The lady just laughed and laughed. …more

Sweet Cherries

My Grandmother Keen made a mean homemade cherry pie.  She grew the cherries in her back yard.  I was shocked when I stole a few of the cherries off the tree to find out how tart they were.  In the pie they were as sweet as can be.  Only after I watched my grandmother make a pie did I understand that it took a mound of sugar, butter, spices, and crust to turn those sour cherries into a sweet tasting pie.
Some people have as sour a disposition as those cherries had taste.  It takes a whole lot of work to turn people from sour into sweet. God doesn’t use sugar, butter, spices, and crust but his ways are just as remarkable.  …more


For the first several years of my pastoring churches I had to print the bulletins and newsletters myself because the church didn’t have a paid secretary.  Somehow, over time I forgot just how difficult these tasks can be.  For the last several days Betty has been away from the office.  She took a vacation to help her daughter and Son-in-law move into their new home in Virginia Beach.  (After painting for a week and a half she may need a vacation from her vacation.)  While she was away I became my own secretary again.  It’s true; you really don’t realize just how much you will miss someone until there are gone.
The good news is that Betty came back today.  …more


Have you ever been traveling through the country and see a sign with the name of a small community on it and under the name it says, “Incorporated?”  I’m not sure but I believe this means that the neighborhood, while too small to actually be called a town or city, has enough residents to be incorporated as a local community, a place, a spot on the map.  Well, I once had the opportunity to see an incorporated community become “unincorporated.
Caseyville is located in the Ohio River in Union County and, yes, I said “in” the river not on it.  It had once been a thriving town.  Old newspapers tell of a city distinguished in size by the fact that there were 9 grand pianos owned by citizens located within the city limits.  There were churches and businesses and lots of people, at least by the standards of rural western Kentucky in those days.  When the locks and dams were built on the Ohio, the river took over the town.  I have always wondered what Caseyville was like in its heyday.  …more